7 Useful Kitchen Tools that are Sharp

From graters to shredders and ladles to sporks, there are many useful tools in your kitchen. We’ve all used a butter knife as a screwdriver at least once, and entire websites are devoted to cooking supper in your coffee pot. Here we will review the seven most useful, and sharp, kitchen tools

1. The Corkscrew

The corkscrew is a handy little device to have around. While it’s particularly helpful on a Friday night after a long week at work, the corkscrew can be used as an icepick, a cereal bag opener, a letter opener, and can help you unclog drains or garbage disposals. It’s a great weapon to have in self defense should an intruder enter your kitchen unannounced. Or, if you’re like the majority of Americans, you have a drawer full of tangled jewelry; the corkscrew makes a perfect necklace detangler.

2. The Butter Knife

While 97.4% of Americans have already tried the butter knife to remove a switchplate from the wall, it serves a few other purposes. Butter knives can be used to smooth caulk on your bathroom shower wall, pry a window open which had previously been painted shut, or to scrape the grime out from between the baseboard and the tile in your children’s bathroom. A butter knife is also incredibly effective for spreading butter.

3. Scissors

What’s not to love about scissors? They cut paper. They cut string. They cut cloth. They can also pop a balloon when your child has volleyed it into your workspace one too many times. Scissors are great for opening boxes and even for trimming herbs from your garden. A very versatile tool, every household’s kitchen should be stocked with at least one pair of scissors.

4. The Seafood Pick

Most Americans don’t eat crab or lobster at home often enough to warrant purchasing a seafood pick. They are, however, useful little objects which can be used for a variety of projects. Everything you can do with a corkscrew, you can do with a seafood pick with the exception of self defense.Seafood picks are smaller and more easily manipulated, and therefore are excellent aids in cleaning the “gunk” out of your faucet heads. They’re also small enough to clean the cracks between your keyboard. (Please ensure that your PC or laptop is powered off before attempting this.) A seafood pick will double as a stick for your cocktail garnishes in a pinch.

5. The Toothpick

If you’ve ever been seven years old, you know how advantageous it can be to keep a well stocked supply of toothpicks. Not only are they effective in dental hygiene, but can also serve other purposes. A toothpick is the structural integrity of a marshmallow building. It is excellent at mixing tempera paint, and colored party toothpicks make a fabulous collage when glued to construction paper. As fun as toothpicks may be, they also have adult purposes. Everyone knows that the best way to hold together the perfect club sandwich is with a toothpick. They can clean the lint from the corners of your dryer’s lint trap. And a toothpick is helpful when gardening. Place a toothpick in each plot where you’ve planted seeds; this will be helpful in thinning your plants later in the season.

6. The Chef’s Knife

Not to be confused with a butcher knife, the chef knife is a long knife with a wide blade, generally used for, well, everything. Most home cooks use their chef knife at least once during each meal preparation to dice onions, cut meat, or chop herbs. But the chef knife can be used as a spatula if you need an extra. It can also be used to scrape ingredients into a hot pan, so as not to get burned by using your hands. Finally, the chef knife is superb for crushing garlic when used by pressing your palm flat against the wide part of the blade.

7. The Can Opener

The can opener, of course, is the most effective tool for opening cans. Truthfully, there may be only one other use for the can opener. However, this trick might be the most stress and time saving of all, and the can opener may win the title of Most Useful Kitchen Tool. The can opener can be used to open clam shell packages. Those hard plastic cases that every electronics device is packaged in, which are impossible to open without a chainsaw can be opened quite simply using a basic can opener. Bring a can opener to the next holiday gathering, and you’re sure to be the life of the party.


There are many more kitchen tools which are both sharp and useful. Use your imagination (and your common sense) and you can find many ways to help your kitchen tools serve more than one purpose.